Frequently Asked Questions

In which countries do you hire developers?

Everywhere in Latin America! Thanks to our remote model and the fact that our recruitment team has its presence in several countries in our region, we currently have devs working from Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia and Nicaragua. And we’re willing to expand even further!

Will I need to provide Nearsure devs with computers or internet connection?

Never! Devs will have everything they need to perform the service (computer, monitor, headset, broadband internet connection, etc.).

How do you evaluate your developers?

As a first step, all candidates go through an initial screening with one of our IT recruiters. They assess if the candidate is a good fit by discussing their previous work experience and academic background. At the same time, they also make sure that the candidate is fluent in English so they could communicate with a US-based team on a daily basis. If we move forward with the candidate, we begin a technical evaluation process by having them complete a coding test. Then we arrange a personal interview with one of our tech leads who will perform a customized test and ask questions that are fully catered to the client’s job requirements. The tech lead will also make sure that the developer is senior enough not only in terms of years of experience, but also in his or her capability to think out of the box, be a problem solver and a team player. Last but not least, if the candidate reaches this point, we then evaluate their soft skills. The aim of this test is to assess the candidate’s communication skills, remote work capabilities, accountability level and alignment with our culture. Only then can we feel comfortable introducing a developer to our clients.

What happens if I don't like the developer?

If one of our developers doesn’t meet your expectations, a substitution is triggered immediately and the new hire’s first week will be on us.

Can I vet a Nearsure dev on my own as well?

Yes. Our clients can interview developers as many times as needed and administer coding tests of their own before giving the green light to a new hire.

How do you prevent developers from leaving?

Motivation is the key (and it’s on us!). Aside from the benefits that come along with working remotely, we give developers perks to help them learn, grow and stay healthy. We love to support our team and build a strong culture. Our People Care team is always there to follow up and make sure every single “Nearsurer” feels supported and in his/her best spirit.

How do you handle contracts and payments?

The contract clients sign is with our American LLC and payments are collected in our Bank of America account with simple monthly billing. We handle the pay of our developers, disbursing it to wherever they are. No need for our clients to deal with payroll or any legal issues related to hiring developers overseas.

Is there a minimum engagement required to hire a Nearsure dev?

We want to build long term relationships with our partners and enroll our devs in challenging projects that they can engage in for the long run. That’s why we ask for a minimum six month engagement within our contract.

Do you charge for vacation time?

We do not charge for vacation time or any other time the developer is not actively working on the project.

Do you charge for overtime hours?

If compensation is not possible through providing more time off for the equivalent number of hours as those that have exceeded 8 hours per day, overtime hours will be charged an additional 30% over the hourly rates.